Stainless STEEL HYPODERMIC TUBING & wIRE Tube Assemblies

A variety of precious metal and stainless steel hypodermic tubing are supplied as laser fabricated components and can be coated to produce lubricious medical tubing as required by new product design engineers.

Wire products cover applications ranging from insulated ultra-fine wire of high strength copper alloys for signal transmission to mechanical applications utilizing stainless steel, nitinol, MP35N and other exotic alloys. Our supplier processes millions of feet of wire a year on proprietary equipment that has been refined over the past 100 years. They also maintain in-house capability for heat treating, stress relieving and secondary operations.

Insulated wire

These film insulated ultra fine wires range in size from 30 awg to 52 awg (0.00078”). These wires can be stranded, twisted or built into multi-filar constructions such as miniature thermocouples. Insulated wires can also be incorporated into the walls of extruded tubing and yet maintain inner lumens open for other application procedures – or just to downsize a device.

Straightened & cut

This unique stress-reducing straightening process was developed specifically for the most difficult profile grinds. The process can also apply to coated wire or hypo tubing. Wire mandrels can also be provided shaped such as “D”, “C” and crescent shaped mandrels.

Precision grinding

We are experienced with centerless, profile, flat and plunge grinding of wire and tubing as fine as 0.0015”. All alloys are covered, including 304V, nitinol and MP35N. In-house annealing and stress relieving ovens provide flexibility in processing. Intricate profile grinds for PTCA guidewires neuro interventional guidewires and specialty mandrels can also be supplied.

Wire forming

We provide forming and shaping of wires with diameters from 0.002?, including multiple configurations. Wires can also be pressed into flat sections as thin as 0.001”.

Coated wire & hypo tubing

Wires and hypo tubing can be supplied with various coatings, from high temperature PTFE and parylene to hydrophilic for enhanced lubricity. Coatings are very thin (0.0002) and perfectly smooth and uniform. In addition to the straightening and cutting, coatings can be selectively removed and wire tips can be annealed and/or ground to specifications.

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