Coil Winding & Torque Cables

Precision coils can be produced with OD’s as small as small .003” using .0005” diameter wire. Round or flat wire as small as 0.0007” can be used. Coils can be tapered; multi-diameter or have varying stiffness (droop) in close windings. Materials range from stainless, nitinol, MP35N, and precious metals such as platinum for marker band or tip coil applications. Coils can also be made from pre-coated wire without damage to the coating or the potential for flaking / cracking, as seen with traditional “spray” coatings.

Platinum coil marker bands

Where low profiles and maximum flexibility are required coiled marker bands made from either round or flat wire are the answer. For added lubricity, pre-coated hydrophilic platinum wires can be used.

Multi-Flex & multi-Filar coils

These designs are for drive shaft cables and assemblies with high torsional and column strength requirements for rotating surgical devices.

Polymer coated coils

A variety of thin wall polymers can be coated over the OD of the coils or applied to the ID for maximum flexibility and kink resistance.

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